Spring 2022 Application Now Closed
Fall 2022 Application TBA

Join our community and create memories of your own. A few things to keep in mind before joining:

  • Audition is required to become a member (excluding management team)
  • Interview is required to become a management team member
  • You must be a current USC student to join
  • We have a strict attendance rule. We take attendance, and we will keep in mind on who shows up the most to club meetings/events. If you ranked low in attendance, you will be disqualified to perform for the remainder of the semester, regardless if it’s an opportunity of a third party organization, or a concert hosted by us
  • You may apply to both membership and management team if interested
OK. Now that we’ve got our words out, if you still want to join us, you are very welcome to apply and join us. We promise we’re a lot nicer than what we sound like above.

Questions? Click HERE to DM us on instagram.
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