Who We Are

Who We Are

Met through a music competition on the beautiful campus of USC, creSCendo’s co-founders William Li, Michelle Han, Aiden Song and Haonan Qi came together and wanted to initiate something that could bring students with a passion in music together.

The club creSCendo was founded in the spring of 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite being part of the pandemic isolation, the club still managed to achieve a staggering 50 active members the same semester it was founded.

Now stronger than ever, creSCendo has taken off and became one of the most active music student organizations on the USC campus.

creSCendo is the one and only Mandarin speaking music club on campus, bringing in performers from all music genres and showcasing performing arts all year round.

William Li

Drummer of band Dawn Club. With over 10 years of professional drum training and over 20 years of performing experiences. Also play Violin, Guitar, Flute and even Clarinet. Besides band, Li also focus on PR and Digital Marketing in Music Industry.

Aiden Song

10 years of experience in playing both acoustic and electric guitars, led several successful gig for his band Dawn Club at Bovard Auditorium at USC while he was a student there. Currently a Software Engineer at TikTok.

Michelle Han

Lead singer of the band Autumn Parade. Singer/song writer with 10 years of professional training in classical piano, and 1 year training in performing arts. Also plays the guitar, bass and ukulele.

Haonan Qi

Lead singer of the band Fake Tongue. Loves J-Rock/ Pop, City Pop, Jazz and Classical music. Amateur piano/ keyboard player with 8 years of professional training in piano. Also a materials engineer.


Crescendo Music Club is dedicated to provide a safe space for international Chinese students to come together and do all things music. 


We do what we love, and we make sure we have fun doing it. Crescendo Music Club has a laidback, casual vibe, but we take our passion seriously and make sure each member has their fair share of fun. Don’t think that you need to be a pro musician to join, we welcome everyone that has a thing for music. 


We thrive when we jam and lose track of time. We love when our members call Crescendo their home. We want our community to grow organically, landing performances and spread love with music. 

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